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Todah Rabah from Fundraising

Kol Tikvah sincerely thanks all the volunteers and gracious contributors that recently participated in our three major fundraising events. Your efforts are appreciated more than you can imagine. The contributions that we raised will go directly to great causes that will directly affect a great many lives.

Our Winter Card Party held at Indian Spring County Club was extremely successful. The food was absolutely delicious, and the card games were all exciting. Kol Tikvah would like to single out the following members for their hard work and dedication: Co-Chairs Arnette Fuchs and Joan Fischer, Frema Sokoloff, Shelia Stern, Janice Katz, June Goldman, Dori Rissin, Sonia Kasses, Linda Becker, and Fran Hoder.

The American Bandstand Party held here in Bellaggio was electrifying!  We all rocked and rolled to classic 50’s Bandstand music, enjoyed memorable treats from Philadelphia, and danced to the disk jockey’s music like we were teenagers again. For a few hours it was great to just to go back in time and reminisce thanks to Chair Marsha Seidman; her energetic team consisting of Frank Goldblatt, June Goldman, and Dori Rissin; and the Hadassah Board.

The Friday night traditional dinners held at five of our members’ homes not only were extremely successful but also reminded those who attended of the depth of our Jewish roots. We all enjoyed great Jewish traditional food with warm and delightful conversation with both old and new friends.  A very special thank you goes out to chair Janice Stone and our gracious dinner hosts:  Cheryl and Al Liebowitz, Marla and Neuman Pollack, Zora and Herman Natanblut, Margaret and Avrom Davidi, and Robin and Michael London. In addition, we thank our amazing dessert hostess, Adele Greenblatt, for a spectacular and elegant presentation.

Thank you!! 


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