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For information contact President Cherylann Solow - ccsslp@gmail.com

If you have moved please let Marcy Ohayon know your new address -   marcy.ohayon@gmail.com

Changed your e-mail address?  Please contact Lynne Grossman - lgrossman@nc.rr.com

Chapel Hill - Durham  Hadassah Board 2011-2012


Cherylann Solow - ccsslp@gmail.com

Communications  Vice President

Ronni Nichamin RNichamin@nc.rr.com


Carol Minton cgminton@mindspring.com

Membership Vice Presidents

Riva Freelander joelfreela@earthlink.net

Ellen Newman ellensart@nc.rr.com

Program Vice President

Margaret Weinstein drsidney@bellsouth.net

Education Vice President

Winnie Weissman winnikki@aol.com

Fundraising Vice President


Corresponding Secretary

Judith Barrett jnbarrett@quackwatch.org

Recording Secretary

Jane Levy janeleiferlevy@gmail.com


Rose Mills rmills1@bellsouth.net

Membership Records and Transfer


Marcy Ohayon marcy.ohayon@gmail.com


Ronni Nichamin RNichamin@nc.rr.com

JNF Trees

Rita Green ritagreen1@bellsouth.net

Helene Bosworth hbosworth1@yahoo.com

Cards and Certificates
Rita Green ritagreen1@bellsouth.net


Martha Ginsberg mginnc@hotmail.com

Book Reviews

Aida Zukowski aidaz24@nc.rr.com

American & World Affairs - IZAIA

Maddie Sheff madelon326@aol.com

Youth Aliyah
Aida Zukowski aidaz24@nc.rr.com

 JNF Blue Boxes

Debra Evenson daevenson@yahoo,com

Past President/Nominating/Advisor

Ronni Nichamin RNichamin@nc.rr.com

Gift Wrapping
Phyllis London phlondon@earthlink.net
Ronni Nichamin RNichamin@nc.rr.com


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