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Opening Meeting 9-29-13

David "Dudi" Barashi, Hadassah Medical ClownOPENING MEETING

Sunday, September 29, 2013
5 -7 pm

Trio Bistro
7565 Kenwood Road

Cincinnati, OH 45236

Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah will host a special guest, David "Dudi" Barashi, Hadassah Hospital Dream Doctor / Medical Clown. This will be a unique opportunity to meet an amazing man who has touched the hearts of so many people in Israel and around the world!

There are several giving opportunities available to attend!

Couvert for Dinner $36
Clown Therapist $50/person*
Medical Clown $75/person*
Dream Doctor $100/person*
Medical Angel $250/person*
* Attendees at this level will be listed in the program booklet, includes dinner, etc. If you cannot come to the event, please consider a donation!

The co-chairs of the Opening program are Ali Socol Bernstein, Tracy Levine, Sherri Kim Symson, and Holly Corbin Wolfson.

To RSVP, call (513)  821-6157 or E-mail:  cincinnati@hadassah.org.

We look forward to welcoming "Dudi" to Cincinnati. It will be a great evening! Please be sure to send your check in ASAP to make your reservation.

The "Dream Doctors" Project – Medical Clowning, was established at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in 2002, thanks to the collaboration between the MAGI Foundation who established the project, and the Hadassah Hospital Management who put their trust in the project and made it possible.

At the beginning there were three clowns who worked in the Pediatric Department. Each one of them worked two days a week, during the first half of the day. "Dream Doctors" (the clowns) made sure to reach every single child that was in need for a pleasant moment, for a good laugh, or for a temporary relief from their condition. The clowns created a fantasy world for the children, in which they were in the center and free to decide and do whatever they want. The children felt as if they were embraced with a safe and secure childhood.

During the years the project has grown considerably both in quality and quantity. Today there are 53 professional "Dream Doctors" clowns working at 18 hospitals. Hadassah set the professional criteria for medical clowning in Israel.

The clowns presence is viewed by the medical crew as a natural part of hospital work, and they use their assistants in treatments of various medical procedures, such as: blood tests, burns, escorting to operation rooms, physiotherapy, HIV treatment, emergency room, etc.

With every passing day the clowns are becoming an integral part of the medical crew. The professional collaboration has become a foundation stone that has led to positive results for the patients and their families who benefit from this service during their hospital stay.

The support of the Hadassah Management and the responsible authorities at the Pediatric Wards has helped to develop the "Dream Doctor" Project. This support has led to high standards of service, and an uncompromising crew who aims to create a different hospitalization experience for the patients. The trust that Hadassah gave to the clowns and their professional, personal and humane capabilities, shows its rewards each and every day, both inside and outside of the hospital.

The Hadassah Clowns have adopted one of the most important principles of the Hadassah Organization: Giving others the best one can give. Thank you for many years of the cooperation, reliance and giving.

David Barashi, Hadassah Medical Center Dream Doctor –
Medical Clown in Haiti, Port-au-Prince, January 2010:
"You know, in a place where life and death are looking for each other...every morning when I woke up and came out of my tent, in the IDF field hospital, I looked up to see the Israeli Flag, and realized that the Star of David was smiling at me. ...and what a coincidence my name is David to! So I smiled it back …

"As you have seen I have experienced many unique moments in Port au Prince, however there was one special moment that contained the entire ideology of medical clowning -

"There was a little boy that lay down on his bed and I just fed him with sweet porridge made of a military chocolate cake and milk. It was his first meal after 24 hours of fasting. In the middle of all the noise around us, I could hear the special sound of his pleasure with every bite. It was one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear. What I loved about that moment was that I helped the nurse to find an immediate creative and tasty solution that helped the patient."

David Dudi Barashi is coming to Cincinnati to share his knowledge and expertise with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.



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