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Jewish National Fund

Over 100 years ago, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) was created with the singular task of reclaiming the land in Israel. To continue meeting this challenge JNF, with the support of hundreds of thousands of people, invests its time and efforts in several important areas.

Hadassah and the Jewish National Fund have been partners in action since 1926. Today, our organizations continue united in an effort to plant trees and help Israel meet her environmental water needs.

Forestry and Ecology
JNF has planted more than 240 million trees since 1901 to protect the land, green the landscape and preserve vital ecosystems. JNF continues this effort, planting seedlings, maintaining forest health, combating desertification, protecting watersheds and managing water flow.

Over the last decade, Jewish national Fund has dramatically increased Israel's water resources, providing drinking water to 1.2 million Israelis. JNF's water management projects, never more critical to Israel's survival, include reservoir and dam construction, water conservation, river rehabilitation and recycling. More needs to be done to alleviate Israel's annual water deficit.

Community Development
JNF builds the infrastructure necessary to create and support entire communities throughout Israel, with a major focus on developing Israel's northern and southern regions. As Israel's population expands, these newly developed towns offer opportunities for Israeli families.

Through JNF's work there is hope for a safer Israel. JNF builds security roads along the Lebanese border so children and their parents can travel to school and work shielded from harm. Security roads offer more than just peace of mind. The offer Israelis the ability to live safely in their communities, allowing them the freedom to travel, to shop, to live life as normally as possible.

For over a century, JNF has fulfilled its mandate to provide Zionist education to Jewish children around the world, introducing them to the natural wonders of their homeland and the importance of protecting the environment. JNF-sponsored scholarships and programs at the university level, such as Caravan for Democracy, ensure the commitment to enhancing the land and preserving its resources is transmitted from generation to generation.

To plant a tree in Israel call the region office at 305-576-4447.

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