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Youth Aliyah

In a perfect world, childhood is carefree and fun, filled with learning, doting parents and joy.

But in the real world, too many children live in homes darkened by fear, terror and deprivation. These children -in urgent need of rescue- find refuge and relief through Hadassah's Youth Aliyah.

Youth Aliyah began in the dark days of 1934 when Hadassah adopted the project that heroically rescued Jewish children from the death machine of Nazi Germany.  Today we still rescue kids at risk.  We help young immigrants to Israel with their difficult struggle adjusting to a new language in a new homeland.  We open our arms to native Israelis who suffer poverty, abuse and worse.  We embrace orphans, children with learning disabilities and children who have been displaced by war or political strife.

We perform these acts of tsedek- justice- because every Youth Aliyah child deserves an education, a home and the embrace of a loving world.  The goal of Youth Aliyah is to lift each child from despair to safety and hope.  By transforming lives of misery into lives of fulfillment, trust and growth, we fulfill our Zionist mission of creating a stronger, healthier, kinder and more inclusive Jewish state.

Hadassah lovingly educates and rears our Youth Aliyah (YA) children in three youth villages and provides them with academic and vocational training in six non-residential high schools.  Every member of YA receives counseling, education and support services.  From Hebrew language lessons and Jewish heritage education to athletic opportunities and art programs, our students are given the extra help, attention and nurturing they need to become productive members of Israeli society.  Since Youth Aliyah began, we have graduated more than 300,000 young people from 80 lands.

Support our Hadassah Youth Aliyah villages and purchase jewelry from Hadassah Neurim.

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