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Dining with Hadassah

Dining with Hadassah

Dining with Hadassah -  Make your reservation now!

Eat, drink and be merry! Choose from 12 dining events – brunch, lunch and dinner - in private homes for only $36 per person. Cuisine examples: Mediterranean, Italian, Seafood, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Chinese & Indian. Events are kosher or kosher-style and will be intimate weekend gatherings. Dates range from April 7 to May 25, and there are 7 Saturday & Sunday dinners, 1 Sunday lunch, and 4 Sunday brunches.

Dine at as many homes as you can fit into your schedule - it's such a bargain!  And it's all tax-deductible.  Non-Hadassah members and men welcome.   Check out our Young Family event for Dining with Hadassah.

CLICK HERE to see the schedule that lists all the hosts, dates and menus. The schedule also contains RSVP information. For additional information or to register, email or call event chair, Barbara Moses, at 972-931-3112 or bzb96@earthlink.net.  You may also leave a message at the Hadassah Office (214) 691-1948. 

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