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Message from the Chapter Organizers

Message from the Chapter Organizers

Call us: (608)770-6521                                                                                               Email us: Madison.Chapter@Hadassah.org                                                        Visit us online at www.facebook.com/HadassahMadison                                       Or at: 6633 University Ave., Middleton, WI 53562


Welcome to

the Rachel S. Jastrow Hadassah Chapter

of Madison Wisconsin!

As we approach our centennial year, we can look back on a rich history of accomplishments by many remarkable women. Many of our members are actively involved in supporting medical services in Israel.

As always, the Madison chapter continues offering relevant programs pertinent to our member's lives here and their connection to Hadassah's efforts to support medical services in Israel.

Did you know that:

Madison Hadassah has over 400 members?

 We represent a century of generations of women who fought for everything from

  • the right of women to vote, and
  • provided nurses and support for nurses to administer healthcare throughout the middle east
  • helped build the most advanced medical care center that serves diverse populations in the Middle East...
  • supported Hadassah doctors and nurses who have and are provided the most advanced emergency medical care to disaster victims in such places as Haiti ... and Syrian refugees.
  • much more



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