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SNER representative joined Hadassah’s Pillar of Defense Solidarity Mission

SNER representative joined Hadassah’s Pillar of Defense Solidarity Mission



Benita Ross ofCanton, joined Hadassah's Pillar of Defense Solidarity Mission and together with fourteen other Hadassah leaders they traveled throughoutIsrael from November 25-30.


In less than a week the Hadassah mission met with key government and social service officials and with representatives of all the Hadassah institutions, with the goal to better understand the scope and impact of this latest military action onIsraelin general and on the Hadassah institutes specifically.



Benita Ross holds the National Portfolio of Youth Aliyah Chair, coordinating Hadassah's help to children at risk through youth residential villages. During Pillar of Defense, students fromAshdodreceived dorm space and classrooms to continue their studies at Hadassah-Neurim near Netanya. "We were glad that Hadassah could quickly come up with a solution for some of these children," said Ross, who put out a call for funds to cover the cost of housing the children.


Ross was inIsraeljust last month celebrating Hadassah's Centennial. "Hadassah shows its support through good times and bad, and I didn't hesitate to come back. We signed up while the fighting was still going on, and committed to stay inAshkelonwhich was under daily fire."  

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