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Chapter Events

Hadassah of Greater Albuquerque and The Los Alamos Chapter

Our Chapters came together recently to participate in the rally to Protest Operation Rescue which took
place at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza. The rally supported women's healthcare providers, women's
reproductive choice, and denounced the terrorist tactics of Operation Rescue against local abortion
providers and the local New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum. It was estimated that a
crowd of 200-300 participants were at the rally, including Hadassah members carrying Hadassah signs.

Boulder Chapter





 Denver Chapter

March 30th Rosh Hodesh topics include: 
Women of the Wall
      Women's Contributions to Judiasm
Keynote Speaker:
      Ellyn Hutt: Spirituality, Ritual, & Prayer

El Paso Chapter of Hadassah

Our Chapter hosted a private performance of Agatha Christie's mystery "Spider's Web" at the El Paso Playhouse. Refreshments, including wine, will be provided. During intermission, we said good-bye to the 2013 Executive Board, installed the new 2014 Board, and acknowledged our wonderful, generous Donors. All of this entertainment for just $10 per person. Family and friends were invited to this lively evening of fun entertainment!


Hadassah Southern Arizona

 Summer time in Surfside, California means hitting the beach, catching a wave, or a visit to the boardwalk.  It’s the 1960’s;
 the sun always shines and the surf is always up. 
However, the dark clouds are forming on the horizon.  Greedy
 developers threaten to demolish this very way of life.  Can they be stopped?  Will there be fun, romance and music      along the way?  Find out in Beach Blanket Bee-Bop, as Hadassah Southern Arizona goes to The Gaslight Theatre
Thursday, April 29th  Doors open at 6:15  Show begins at 7:00
For more information and to purchase tickets send an email to chapter.hsa@hadassah.org.


 Hadassah Southern Arizona co-sponsored a breakfast at the JCC on Friday, April 11th with the Jewish Community Relations Council.
The Panel Discussion topic was: Border Communities: Issues, Ideas and Initiatives. 

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, who is the 41st mayor of Tucson, and one of many Jewish mayors of this southwestern city, was the Moderator and panel members included:
Mayor Paul Diaz, City of SouthTucson
Mayor Arturo R. Garino, Nogales, AZ
Mayor Ed Honea,  Marana, AZ
Ricardo Pineda, Consul, Mexican Consulate in Tucson, AZ

The overall theme of the day seemed to be that the key to solving immigration issues is more and better trade with Mexico. Mayor Garino urged us to concentrate on economic development, rather than on security at the border.

Hadassah Southern Arizona President, Corinne Forti, spoke of the work of Hadassah. There were nearly 100 people in attendance.

We recently launched a new fundraiser that will continue through 2014:
Mushrooming Luncheons: They Spring Up Everywhere!
This fundraising/membership project asks members to host 5 other Hadassah members or prospective members in their homes for either lunch, brunch, high tea, dinner, etc. Every attendee brings an $18 check made out to Hadassah (each event garners $90). The hostess provides the food, but does not pay the $18. Hopefully one or more attendees will hold their own luncheons soon after attending one. The first one is scheduled for Anne Lowe's home in mid-January. 
                                       Oh, one more thing - you don't have to serve mushrooms!

Hadassah Southern Nevada





Shalom Chapter

Fun-Fundraiser: Chico’s Shopping Spree

Chico’s and lunch at Brio’s was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon for a Hadassah chapter in Sun Lakes, Az.

Chico’s was initially approached by 2 ladies who are frequent Chico shoppers and the store management was very excited with the prospect of a shopping spree in the store.

At the Chapter’s request, shopping was scheduled during store hours, from 2 to 4. We were asked to limit the number of shoppers to 25. Chico’s generously provided water and cookies for the ladies. Management planned a demo to show the women how to dress according to their build. Chico’s added extra staff to help the women with their selections, and if an item was not available at the store, they went on line to track down that particular item.

Before shopping, the Chapter provided Chico’s with a letter stating that Hadassah is a 501(c)(3) charity. Chico’s gave 10% of the total purchase from each lady to Hadassah. Chico’s will send a check to Hadassah National from their corporate office. We neglected to ask the store management if ladies who came in after 4 o’clock, could Hadassah still get the 10% donation for those women that shopped after that time. The store manager was so wonderful to us that when a lady came in from Sun Lakes and told her that her Mother was a Holocaust survivor, she gave us an extra $30.00 from her $300.00 sale. This woman was not a member of our Hadassah chapter. As of right now we made $400.00.

Before Chico’s, we had a lovely lunch at Brio’s, an Italian restaurant within walking distance to Chico’s. To help expedite the service, we chose 5 items from the menu and the restaurant printed a special menu for us. They were also very generous and gave us 35 coupons which were valued at $10.00 per coupon. We sold them for $3.00 each.

The event was advertised in our on-line bulletin and at our meeting. We filled all the spots very quickly since we were very limited on numbers.

 Wyoming Statewide Chapter of Hadassah

The biggest challenge for our chapter is bridging the miles between our members and this autumn we celebrated our “5th Annual Wine & Chocolate Event!” The event is usually held in early October before inclement weather has had a chance to settle in here in Wyoming, making mountain passes often treacherous for travel. We usually have 25 ladies in attendance, which is almost half of our membership! We have a number of raffles and opportunities for donation, along with a cover charge to attend. Kosher Israeli wine is offered for sale at a nominal profit to help with fundraising. The past two years we have had Laura Green update us on Hadassah and current events in Israel via Skype and this interchange has been warmly and actively received. The enthusiasm and pride of accomplishment is almost palatable amongst the women as we share the stories and miracles that are Hadassah.
I am proud to say that our Wyoming Statewide Chapter, although small, is truly dedicated, remaining faithful to Henrietta Szold’s vision of a Zionist ideal.

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