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Women's Heart Health

Every Beat Counts: Hadassah's Heart Health Program™ educates women about risks, prevention and detection of heart disease, the #1 cause of death among women in the U.S. and worldwide. Cardiovascular disease kills more women than men in the U.S., and women present symptoms differently than men.

Hadassah's Cardiovascular Wellness Institute: Achieving Healthier Hearts, Community by Community
The Hadassah Medical Center's Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Institute for Women, created with a 10 million-dollar grant from Psychotherapist Irene Pollin in memory of her daughter, Linda Joy, has already impacted the lives of hundreds of Arab and Israeli families.

Teaching Children Well in the Heart of East Jerusalem

HMO's Heart Institute: Its Renowned Director, Cutting-Edge Treatments, Innovative Research, and Preventive Health Outreach
With Interventional Cardiologist Prof. Chaim Lotan at its helm, the Hadassah Medical Center's Heart Institute is pioneering new techniques for saving heart attack victims and replacing valves, investigating risk factors for heart disease among Arab and Jewish women, and taking center stage in promoting healthy lifestyles for a healthy heart.

Hadassah Hosts Israel Heart Society Conference Highlighting Israel's Cardiac Innovations
Over 1,000 cardiologists from around the world participated in the IHS's international conference in Jerusalem, celebrating its 60th anniversary and spotlighting Israel's major contributions to the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Ten-Million Dollar Gift Creates Cardiovascular Wellness Institute
To empower and encourage women to make life choices that will preserve a healthy heart, the Hadassah Medical Center has received a ten-million dollar gift to create the Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Institute. 

Hadassah Medical Center Heart Institute
    The Heart Institute Newsletter March 2013

How to Become Heart Smart 

Hadassah’s Innovative Cardiac Protocol Saves Man’s Life 
An appreciative heart attack victim recounts the innovative protocol that the Hadassah Medical Organization put into action to ensure his survival and quality of life.

Greater Atlanta Hadassah's Women’s Heart Health Forum Attracts Great Community Interest
Organized by Greater Atlanta Hadassah’s Health Professionals group, Women's Heart Health- Raising Awareness, Empowering Women, and Saving Lives took place on February 17, 2013. This free community health education forum was presented by Greater Atlanta Hadassah, in cooperation with Hadassah’s Department of Health and Wellness and Congregation Beth Shalom Sisterhood.  The forum was held in the synagogue’s spacious social hall, where a delicious array of heart-healthy foods was enjoyed by the 200+ women who congregated to hear outstanding speakers on the critical issue of heart disease, the #1 cause of death among women worldwide. It was a huge success.
The program highlighted a talk by the dynamic, ageless, distinguished Dr. Nanette Wenger, a Life Member of Hadassah, a cardiologist and professor at the Emory Medical school, who used a series of slides to demonstrate what she called ‘The User’s Guide’ to the Human Heart. She emphasized that the majority of heart ailments could be prevented or alleviated by proper eating habits and regular exercise, disdaining the old excuse of “I’m big boned” and even showing us how to measure our waists, which should not be more than 35”.
Marsha Hildebrand, a nurse who is a member of the Health Professionals group, described her own journey from being an at-risk heart patient to a healthy life style, becoming a role model and health coach to other women. 

Nancy Falchuk, 24th Hadassah National President, came to Atlanta especially for this program as the cheer leader and national chairwoman for a new partnership between Hadassah and Sister-to-Sister, a national organization which is dedicated to teaching women about heart disease, offering advice and a web site where you can get a free heart health assessment. 

Susan Gurley, Executive Director of the Sister to Sister Foundation for Women's Heart Health, shared information about the organization and its online health assessment and monitoring tools.  A new facility, whose full name is the Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Institute, is located at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. It was funded by Irene Pollin with a $10 million gift in memory of her daughter whom she lost to heart disease. It is open to all women for screenings and counseling about lifestyle changes that can reduce the risks of heart disease and it is hoped that in addition to being in the forefront of preventative medical practice it will serve as a bridge of hope and understanding to Israeli and Palestinian women. The four speakers then formed a panel to answer questions from the assembled crowd. 

In addition to the speakers, tables displayed information from several local organizations in the diet, fitness, and health industry, including The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WomenHeart, Take Shape for Life, and The American Heart Association.  A silent auction to support heart health education and cardiac research at Hadassah Hospital offered many possibilities for bidding on articles and services. 

The entire afternoon was most informative, well-organized, and kept right on schedule by the leadership of Health Professionals and GAH. It certainly made us all proud of Hadassah and of its ever expanding services to the peoples of Israel…all together a first class event, or as we say in Israel ‘aleph-aleph’.   (Review prepared by Reina Nuernberger, Education Vice-President, Ketura Group of GAH.)

Greater Atlanta Hadassah is happy to share the following information about our Women's Heart Health Forum. We hope other Chapters will duplicate our efforts. Contact the Hadassah office at 678-443-2961 or for additional information about this forum (such as sample grant requests). 

Learning objectives for the forum participants included:
1.  facts about Women and Coronary Heart Disease in the United States and how Georgia is ranked;

2.  risk factors for heart disease for women and the signs and symptoms of a heart attack;

3.  ways to reduce the risk of developing this deadly disease; and

4.  advances in heart disease diagnosis, treatment, research and advocacy at the Hadassah Medical Organization.

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Heart Healthy Recipes for Refreshments

GAH's "Women's Heart Health" a Hit - HADASSAH EVENT EDUCATES, EQUIPS IN FIGHT AGAINST HEART DISEASE (Atlanta Jewish Times - March 1, 2013 page 8)

For highlights of the GAH Women's Heart Health forum, watch our video.

Enjoy photos from the Forum. 

For more information on woman's heart health, please visit:

American Heart Association 

CDC - Women's Health - Women and Heart Disease Prevention

Sister to Sister Foundation for Women's Heart Health 

The Heart Truth: A Campaign for Women About Heart Disease

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease
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