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History Comes Alive Before Our Eyes: Henrietta Szold, 1946 Film

Beth Admin

Henrietta Szold, a film produced by Hadassah in 1946, underwent preservation and digitization in 2011, thanks to a grant from the Women's Film Preservation Fund of New York Women in Film & TV, and a donation from Hadassah's 2005 outgoing presidents.

A screening of the film was held November 2, 2011 at MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

As well as digitizing the film, the project preserved the film master and created a new screening copy, also in film. This allows us to see the film in its original form. Should the digital file ever fail, it will be possible to create a new digital file of excellent quality from the film. This process ensures that the film will be available for many years to come.

To date, three Hadassah films have been preserved and digitized through outside grants. Preserved, in addition to Henrietta Szold, are Land of Their Own, 1950, about the Youth Aliyah movement, and Journey Across Centuries, 1952, about Hadassah vocational education for women in Israel. At least 50 additional films remain to be funded, so that they, too, can be made accessible online. The films are available online courtesy of the Center for Jewish History.

Watch Henrietta Szold
(to watch click the photo of Henrietta Szold)

Watch Land of Their Own
(to watch click on flimstrip icon next to the word "Object")

Watch Journey Across Centuries
(to watch click on flimstrip icon next to the word "Object")

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