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Dr. Polina Stefensky Visits Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah

Bobbi Handwerger, Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah Co-President and Dr. Polina Stefansky, Director of the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Center of Hadassah Hospital

On Sunday, March 18, 2012, Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah gave a warm welcome to Dr. Polina Stefansky, the Director of the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Center of Hadassah Hospital, with a buffet lunch at the home of Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz. Dr. Stefansky is in town for a week for medical collaboration and training at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Stefansky immigrated to Israel from the Ukraine and speaks four languages, Russian, Hebrew, English and Arabic. After the lunch, she spoke to the group about the work that she does at Hadassah Hospital. She uses gene therapy and bone marrow transplants to cure patients of deadly diseases like sickle cell anemia and leukemia. She also does research, treats patients in private practice as well as the hospital, and spends as much time as she can with her own family. After her talk, she answered several questions from the audience and explained how getting permission to do life-saving transplants is sometimes difficult for religious reasons. Hadassah Hospital is a private hospital, not state-supported, and there is a shortage of qualified doctors in Israel. Hadassah Hospital treats patients from all over the world, as it is often less expensive to come there than be treated in their own countries.

Date: 4/17/2012
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