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Happy Birthday Israel & Hadassah

Hadassah joins the international Jewish community in marking Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and Yom Ha'Atzmaut (Independence Day) this week, and Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) next month.

As Israel turns 64 and Hadassah celebrates its Centennial, our bond is stronger than ever. Hadassah's founders dreamed of what Israel could be—laying the groundwork for its healthcare system and making deserts bloom, all while rescuing and nurturing the children who would grow to shape the new nation.

Today, Hadassah hospitals treat one million patients a year and are home to world renowned medical research and trauma care. Like our pioneering founders a century ago, Hadassah Members, Associates and supporters are practical Zionists—pouring time and resources into Hadassah's projects and advocating for pro-Israel policies from every Congressional district across the country.

Happy Birthday Israel & Hadassah! Celebrate and show your support online and in your community.

Date: 4/25/2012
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