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Mazal Tov to Ramat Hadassah Szold High(RHS) School Graduates

Six years after the establishment of a high school in Ramat Hadassah, history was made: 56% of the recent graduates are eligible to a full matriculation certificate - about 8% higher than the national average! This is a peak in a revolution that began about eight years ago, in which a general strategic plan was created and a Village high school was established. The Village graduates, who in the past did not apply to take the matriculation exams, are today learning towards a full matriculation certificate, then are recruited into the army and volunteer to serve in elite units or to serve as a community volunteer for a year.

Michal Shtern, Ramat Hadassah director, congratulated the graduates: "We are proud of you; we raise our eyes towards you and know how much you have worked in order to get to this point. This is a tremendous accomplishment for you and for the dedicated staff that accompanied you throughout the years."

Date: 6/4/2012
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