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Marlene Post Honored in Israel by Young Judaea

Marlene E. Post with Young Judaeans

Marlene E. Post, past Hadassah National President was honored by Young Judaea at the closing ceremony of their 2011-2012 Year Course, for her “unwavering devotion to Israel.” Said Barbara Goldstein, Deputy Director of Hadassah's offices in Israel,  “Marlene is an inspiration to all and she is a role model for every women. I know Marlene well, and guarantee that this honor tonight means more to her than most other awards she has received.” Post was ceremoniously escorted to the podium by a pair of Year Course participants. She addressed the auditorium of Year Coursers with a voice trembling with emotion. “I know that nobody deserves an honor for doing what they love.” She advised 300 young people in the audience to “always fight for what you believe is right.” Post stressed that  Young Judaea produces the best young adults and future leaders of the Jewish people. Former Young Judaean Gil Troy, a professor at the University of McGill and the author of Why I am a Zionist,  added,  "In the 1980’s, when it was hard to find someone who understood us, Marlene was there…what makes her so extraordinary is she is the angel of mercy and advocates for the most disfigured IDF soldiers."

Date: 6/6/2012
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