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Cincinnati Chapter Honors Hospital Fellow and Hadassah Surgeon

(From left) Nina Paul (hostess), Dr. Yaron Armon, Sharon Casper (Cincinnati Chapter Co-President) and Dr. Marc Levitt

Hadassah pediatric surgeon, Dr. Yaron Armon, is currently training with Dr. Levitt at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and concluding a one year fellowship. He will return to Hadassah Hospital (Israel) next month to use the expertise gained in Cincinnati to increase the capability of performing complex colorectal surgery in Israel. Dr. Armon worked closely with Dr. Eitan Gross, z"l, and saw him as a mentor. Dr. Armon was honored at a brunch along with Dr. Marc Levitt by the members of the Cincinnati chapter of Hadassah.

Dr. Marc Levitt is the Director of the Cincinnati Children's Colorectal Center and is one of the visionaries behind Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's Israel Exchange Program. He has well established friendships and collaborations with pediatric surgeons in Israel, and is an honorary member of the Pediatric Surgical Association of Israel. He travels to Israel on an annual basis to participate in complex colorectal reconstructions performed there in conjunction with Israeli surgeons, including Dr. Gross and their trainees as well as to other international locations for surgery.

When asked if he brings his own instruments or staff, Dr. Levitt responded, "No." He spoke very highly about the staff at Hadassah hospital and the equipment available there when he is performing surgery.

Dr. Armon will be returning to Hadassah to open the Colorectal Center of the Middle East. His presentation included information that he has learned at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center and how he will be able to take that knowledge back to Hadassah, Israel and the Middle East.

Dr. Levitt was thanked for everything he has accomplished in bringing the partnership to Cincinnati, helping it grow so much, and for the year that he has spent with Dr. Armon.

 Dr. Eitan Gross was one of the first doctors to travel to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center when the Israel Exchange Program was just in it's infancy stages. Cincinnati Children's was honored to have hosted Dr. Eitan Gross in Cincinnati through our Israel collaboration and to have had Dr. Levitt operate with him in the OR in Israel, to jointly treat children with complex colorectal conditions. They were incredibly sad to hear about his passing, and wanted to do something to honor his memory in our medical center.

It was announced at the brunch that Cincinnati Children's is establishing the Dr. Eitan Gross fund that will support short-term training opportunities for pediatric surgeons as well as other physicians from Hadassah to spend two weeks each year in Cincinnati. The initial funding will provide one scholarship a year for three years in memory of Dr. Gross and there will be opportunities for people to add more funding to extend the scholarships beyond three years. To officially establish the fund, they have invited two physicians who exemplify the strong partnership between Cincinnati Children's and Hadassah to talk about the life of Dr. Gross and his work with both institutions.

It was also announced that Cincinnati Children's will be cosponsoring a major pediatric chronic care conference with Hadassah Dec. 2-5 in Israel. They are expecting 500 people with many speakers from Children's, including an adolescent medicine track to further the two hospitals collaboration in that area. Hadassah will be planning a memorial session as part of the conference with Dr. Gross's family and the formal announcement of the establishment of the fund will occur at the session dedicated to honoring him. Cincinnati Children's is also hoping that there could be a Hadassah Cincinnati group who could join the conference and perhaps even some with children.

The day concluded by thanking the speakers and everyone in attendance. The next Fellow from Hadassah Hospital will arrive next month with a concentration in Adolescent Medicine. These medical visits are a continuing part of the partnership between Hadassah Medical Organization and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Date: 7/5/2012
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