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Happy Birthday Henrietta!

Beth Admin

For Henrietta Szold's centennial in 1960, Hadassah leaders wrote articles in several booklets about her contribution to Hadassah and to Hadassah's projects in Israel. In celebration of Henrietta Szold's 150th birthday, December 21st, we are reissuing some of these articles. "In the Beginning," the first section of the article, "Henrietta Szold – Health Pioneer." The authors, Tamar de Sola Pool and Minnie W. Halpern, were long-time members of Hadassah's national board. Tamar de Sola Pool was national president from 1939-1943 and knew Henrietta Szold well.
Read the first section here >>
For additional information, please contact Susan Woodland, Director of Hadassah Archives, swoodland@hadassah.org

Standing on Henrietta Szold's Shoulders
One of Henrietta Szold's earliest memories was being lifted on her father's shoulders to glimpse the funeral cortege of Abraham Lincoln. Today we stand on her shoulders and admire the great American Jewish icon she became.
Read the Op-ed in The Jewish Daily Forward >>

Henrietta Szold's Unrealized Promise
To Alice Seligsberg In 1912:
Hadassah "will not take up much of
your time"

For Hadassah's 25th anniversary in 1937, the Hadassah Newsletter printed a series of articles by Alice L. Seligsberg entitled, "Chronicle of Hadassah", covering in detail the first few years of the organization. Read more >>

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