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A Dream Come True

When my children were small, I realized that I needed to expand my horizons and do something enriching for the community and me.

So I joined the Naomi Chapter in Miami, FL. I was put to work immediately signing in members in at the registration table. After that first exciting meeting I realized that this was a shiddach made in heaven. Thus began my lifelong love affair with Hadassah. I was so excited with this intergenerational group that I made my mother of blessed memory, a member. Upon my return from a state Hadassah conference a few months later, my mother stood up at our monthly meeting and declared that she would make me a life member. What joy, now I truly became part of the Hadassah mishpacha. I loved my new found family as its members and goals were near and dear to my heart. Yet, I wasnt totally satisfied, for I yearned to be a Founder, but money wasnt available.

In 1996, my employer, the Dade County School System offered possible retirees an enticement to early retirement, a large sum of money. I decided to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. That evening, I attended our chapters yearly Awards Meeting. The Big Gifts chair stood up and said I do this every year, even though I know that no one will become a Founder.

Would anyone like to become a Founder tonight?s hesitation, my hand shot up. The Chair, rushed over to hug me. Tears were in both our eyes. Finally, money was available to make my dream come true my husband and I would become Founders. My ties to Hadassah were further entwined as shortly thereafter, we made Aliyah north to Delray Beach where I became very active member, served as President of my chapter and eventually became a member of the Florida Atlantic Region Board.

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