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L'dor v' dor

It was 1961 when the Hadassah Medical Center was opened at Ein Kerem. Among the celebrations of this joyous accomplishment was a gala event held in New York City. My Mother had been president of the Philadelphia Chapter of Hadassah and recalled nervously going onto the stage at a national convention to announce Philadelphias commitment of $300,000 towards the new hospitals construction.

It was only natural that she would want to participate in this glorious occasion. She and my Father, Betty and Lewis Heicklen asked me to join them and off we went to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. I will never forget walking into the mammoth multi-tiered ballroom and seeing people jammed into every balcony and corner of the immense room. It appeared they would tumble out of the top level areas.

I was deeply touched by brilliant speakers and the multitudes who were deeply devoted to improving the lives of people so far away in the State of Israel. I followed in my Mothers footsteps and throughout my life have been privileged to be actively involved nationally and internationally in Hadassahs amazing contributions to the betterment of human life.

Happy Birthday Hadassah, and thank you for this enriching opportunity.

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