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Hadassah Treats Everyone

A Golden Eagle was successfully treated for Cataract at Hadassah. Yes, you are reading correctly – A Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos).

The bird has already lost one eye to an injury, and recently was diagnosed with Cataract in her other eye.
Hadassah was approached by the managers of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, and came to the rescue.
A golden eagle was successfully treated for cataract at hadassah
Dr. michael halpert (first on the left), operated on the eagle and saved its sight.

Dr. Michael Halpert (first on the left), senior physician in the Ophthalmology Department, performed the successful treatment using laser equipment and saved the Eagle's sight.

Hadassah Participates in Developing a New Formula to Calculate Exact Dose of Coumadin (Warfarin)
Prof. Yoseph Caraco, Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Unit in the Department of Medicine, is the only Israeli in an international group representing 20 medical centers, which developed a new formula to calculate the exact required dose of Coumadin (anticoagulant medication ) taken by millions of patients around the world.

Doctors who want to prescribe Coumadin to their patients have always had the difficulty to calculate the required accurate dose. Until now, the common practice has been to start with an average dose and then increase or decrease the dose according the effect on the patient's level of blood dilution. The problem was that by the time they reached the correct dose, the patient could have developed a blood clot or a hemorrhage which could end tragically . This method was also very complex as it required frequent blood tests and evaluations.

Prof. Caraco was part of an international research conducted over 3 years. Here at Hadassah, it involved 200 patients who were divided into two groups. One group took Coumadin according to the old method. The dose for the second group was calculated according to a genetic test that was developed only a few years ago. The results showed that the genetic tests enabled the doctors to significantly shorten the "trial and error" period.

Two years ago, an international consortium of research groups was established in order to unify various efforts that were conducted. This combined effort created a revolutionary formula that will enable to predict and tailor very accurately the required dose of Coumadine for patients on an individual basis.

The formula includes demographic details of the patient, age, weight, height, medical history and of course information regarding two specific genes which affect the process of achieving accuracy .

Hadassah is among the few medical centers where such tests are performed with the required accuracy, and many physicians and patients turn to us to learn about and undergo these tests.

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