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Mother's Day Butterfly Brunch


Florida Atlantic Region
And the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation
Surely had cause
For a celebration.
Mother’s Day was celebrated
In a way unique.
Beautiful butterflies
We did seek.
The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Was the special place
Where the Hadassah family
Did show its face.
There were crafts for children,
Photos were taken.
Nature was in its glory,
Our hearts did awaken.
The most attractive totes
Were distributed to all,
This was certainly much better
Than a trip to the mall.
Can you imagine,
This whole bunch
Had the most
Delicious brunch.
Butterfly cookies
Specially prepared,
A wonderful meal
We joyfully shared.
We toured the Butterfly Gardens
And Cypress Boardwalk too.
It was so special,
The birds did coo.
Gerry and Charlotte,
Thanks for your aid.
Josette, we thank you.
You’re surely top grade.

Marge Rosin and Robin Isaacson



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