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Hadassah's Florida Atlantic Region 'Supermarket'

Welcome!  If you have not had the pleasure of visiting the HADASSAH FAR Office, please permit me to give you a personal guided tour of our FAR "SUPERMARKET" rated Number One in the nation for "customer satisfaction."  We are renowned for our helpful, efficient staff and Board Members who offer vision and creative solutions to your perplexing Hadassah problems. 


It is your “one stop shopping venue” for the most current ‘hot’ ideas, latest techniques, newest activities, ‘freshest’ time-tested assistance. Once inside our attractive facility, suite 305, at 5341 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, you will be greeted by a hamish atmosphere, coupled with our warm, friendly staff whose desire is to help YOU meet your every HADASSAH need.

Our Office Manager, Evie Sokolow makes sure everything is running smoothly and in a timely, friendly manner. Bernice Greenwald, our Secretary/Receptionist, whose smile radiates light and warmth, will sell you cards, answer questions and advise you on where ‘everything’ is to be found. Evelyn Gavriilidis, our Administrative Assistant is a computer genius who can answer all your difficult computer questions. Robin Isaacson our Grassroots Fundraising and Membership Specialist is always ready to tackle a new problem with a million good ideas. She works hand in hand with our Membership Vice President, Roz Kantor to set up new Hadassah units. Iris Yablon, our Membership Coordinator has all the vital membership information at her fingertips and she shares nicely. 

l-r:  Evelyn Gavriilidis, Evie Sokolow, Bernice Greenwald, Robin Isaacson,
Iris Yablon

Now as we tour our facility, we will meet our “Store Manager” Myrna Rodkin, President of the Florida Atlantic Region. Her talents, knowledge and problem solving acumen enable our organization of 19,000 members in 70 chapters to be Number 1 in the nation in fundraising and support staff. Her door is always open and she is there for you with kindness, ability and a very fantastic team. Myrna’s right hand woman “Assistant Store Manager” is Executive Vice President, Carol Weiss, who understands your problems, has a finger on the chapters’ pulse and will enable you to find the right program and activity to meet your specific needs.

Organization Vice President, Joan Baron, is our “Coordinator of Service Delivery.” She, too, knows everything going on in our Region. If you cannot find it on the ‘shelves’ she will get it for you. She also welcomes any new ideas for upgrading the store’s capacity to meet your needs.

Our Treasurer, Dorothy Caroff keeps the books and makes sure all the income and expenditures are carefully tracked. No hanky panky here, our store is always in 100% tiptop shape. Flora Steinman, Financial Liaison, works out any potential problems that the chapters may encounter. These two ladies are our financial wizards.

Our “Produce Department Manager,” Program Vice President, Lydia Krieg will help you find programs that are healthy, ‘organic, chock full of vitamin’ Hadassah, Judaica, entertainment, enlightenment, interest and excitement.

The “meat” department is ably headed by Marge Rosin, Fundraising Vice President. As “meat” helps sustain a person, she will offer you strategies and activities to help your chapter sustain itself by raising the necessary funds to meet their quota. Roz Kantor, Membership Vice President is our “Dairy Manager.” Just as we need milk and cheese for strong bones and good healthy skeleton, Roz keeps our Hadassah’s customers’ bones healthy with new members, and new life members.

back row l-r:  Myrna Rodkin, Marge Rosin, Lydia Krieg
front row l-r:  Fran Sachs, Carol Weiss, Ilana Green, Barbara Grau
Our “Beverage Specialist” is Barbara Grau, Education Vice President. Barbara helps the chapters and Region drink the ‘sweet nectar’ of learning. She offers programs such as Book and Author, study groups, MACHON just to name a few of the tempting ‘beverages’ which we imbibe to grow strong in knowledge and understanding.

Let us not forget the myriad of “non-food items” available at our “Supermarket.” Linda Rosenthal is our National Leadership Education Trainer who provides wonderful Leadership programs. As a result of the diversity of these “non-food items” our Region has a wonderful Leadership Team with Meryl Strutin and colleagues who offer ‘tasty and nutritious’ programs for chapter boards to increase their Hadassah skills and knowledge.

Our “Supermarket’s Personnel Department” is headed by Hope Cohen, Mentor Chair. Her team of top notch Hadassah Mentors share their knowledge, love and passion for Hadassah with their respective chapters. 

All Supermarkets have charts, billboards and signs. Hadassah’s FAR Office is no different.  Ilana Green serves as Recording Secretary for important Executive and Region Board meetings, keeping us on the straight and narrow.  Fran Sachs is Corresponding Secretary, communicating with the outside world.

All new “Supermarkets” have an in house eating facility. Our new “Casa Hadassah Bistro” offers our members a wonderful venue to come together, hold Region meetings and conduct Hadassah business.

As you stroll through our “Supermarket” we offer an opportunity to ‘taste’ our samples. We have a file cabinet filled with Invocations, D’var Torahs, articles on varied topics, etc. Our ‘display cases’ are brimming over with Hadassah brochures and materials available for you. We have an “in house library” run by our very organized Ruth Etkin which will enable you to borrow all sorts of books on Judaism, Israel, and Hadassah for your reading pleasure.

Of course, our “Blue Light Specials” are announced with timely flyers and e-mails. These “advertisements” will help all chapters to remain in the know about vital Region happenings. Our “In House Bulletin,” the FAR Horizons headed by Bulletin Editor Judy Weinberg brings you the latest information by our President and Vice Presidents discussing our innovative workshops, meetings, and happenings to make your Hadassah life more meaningful and productive.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the FAR “Supermarket.” Remember, our motto is “Great Knowledgeable Service with a Smile.” We look forward to serving you and meeting your chapter’s needs at our “Emporium,” so come in and say hello.

Fran Sachs
Corresponding Secretary



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