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Shema D'Vareinu, Yerushalayim

Shema D’Vareinu, Yerushalayim
Hear Our Words, O Jerusalem!

by Janette Kanfer


It’s golden dawn; it’s the break of day.
, You’ve come a long way…
Your country, Israel, has become a state,
And its 61st birthday we now celebrate.

 You were made capital by David, the King,
And with biblical memories about you we sing.
You are the holy city, old and new,
For every faith: Christian, Muslim and Jew.

 Jerusalem, for you the eternal flame burns;
Yerushalayim…for you every Jewish heart yearns.
As written in our history’s scroll,
For our people, you are the very soul.

 Your fragrant flowers, your stately trees,
The earth’s philharmonic melodies…
Your cobblestone streets, your archeological sites…
Jerusalem, you glow with your luminous nights.

 Through hospitals of healing begun by Henrietta Szold,
Hadassah has achieved miracles of gold.
, overwhelmed you must be,
Proud of each Hadassah facility.

Let’s raise our voices and let everyone hear it;
, you have “ruach,” real true spirit!
May violence end and may all wars cease.
O, Jerusalem, may you soon be at peace.

 May harmony prevail and may there soon be “shalom.”
, for our people you are our home.
You were sacred to our fathers and to us today.
May your temples welcome our children’s children, we pray.

 As Shabbat approaches with the setting of the sun,
We feel as though with our people we are one.
We pray at the Kotel, your Western Wall.
May G-d hear our prayers and answer us all.


Janette Kanfer is a member of Hadassah and has recently made all of her quadruplet great-grandsons Hadassah Associates.

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