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Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters


Florida Atlantic Region of Hadassah and

Alzheimer's Association Southeast Florida Chapter Coalition

Presented A Successful Community Symposium

For Caregivers of All Ages

On November 13, 2008 at Benvenuto's

Take A Walk Through Our Pictorials



       l-r:  Jim Sackett, Dr. Carl Sadowsky, Iris Rothstein, Dr. Michael Wilschanski, 
   Myrna Rodkin, Dr. William Theis, Ellen Brown, Marilyn Shapiro 

                   Ruth Rales Family Service                           Comprehensive Home Care

                     Horizon Bay Communities                                        Levin Home Care   

                      Mae Volen Senior Centers                                               Morse Life

Dr. Ernest Triana
Premier Research Institute
Robin Isaacson & Dottie Carson                              Dr. Teena Cahill

                                                         Scott Solkoff, Esq.

                Jim Sackett & Howard Schnellenberger             Ellen Brown, Jim Sackett, Dr. Teena Cahill

Iris Kozak & Carol Weiss 
                         Hadassah Hostessess                       Leslie Gottlieb, Barbara Haveson, Harriet Martin
                                                                                                            & Flora Steinman

Hadassah Table


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