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Aunt Henrietta's Spaghetti Sauce

From Naomi Hershkowitz:

"I found this recipe on ancient yellowed torn up paper. My aunt was making this sauce probably before I was born and I asked her one time for the recipe. She often made large quantities and shared. I made a few changes as she wrote things like "cook on small fire" rather than low heat.

Aunt Henrietta's Spaghetti Sauce

One Onion
One Green Pepper
One Clove Garlic
One can sliced mushrooms or sliced fresh mushrooms
One can tomato sauce
One can tomato paste
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Dice onion, and cut pepper and garlic into small pieces. Put into deep pot and cover with oil, (I prefer olive), brown it halfway and then put in mushrooms to finish browning. Then add tomato sauce and tomato paste and add enough water to double the amount. Add salt and pepper. Let cook on low heat for about two hours. Stir frequently. Don't let it get too thick.

Serve over pasta and enjoy.

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