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Henrietta Szold's 150th Birthday

December 21, 2010 marks the 150th anniversary of Henrietta Szold’s birth. With that, I’ve been thinking about the impressive personal qualities that have always struck me about Henrietta—her kindness and compassion for others, her visionary thinking and her practical Zionism. Henrietta was troubled by intolerance and oppression and spent her life fighting ignorance, injustice, anti-Semitism and the fears and hatreds that divide people and nations. I’ve come to realize that I admire Henrietta not because she was perfect, but because she was not and yet triumphed.

As Hadassah leaders, we are fortunate to stand on the shoulders of Henrietta and all the other women who built Hadassah — our grandmothers, mothers and daughters. Their example of devotion inspires me, reminding me that what we do today will touch the lives of future generations.  

Katie Edelstein, National Coordinator of Hadassah's Membership and Community Development Department

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