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2013 Young Women's Event

Join us for lunch and a choice of intriguing workshops!

Workshop Session I:

¬  Cool Women in the Bible -Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, Temple Micah
¬  Shake Your Soul: Kripalu Yoga Dance-Gayle Stamer & Bonnie Cooper, Instructors
¬  Chicks with Sticks -Natalie Herbon, knitting specialist
¬  Portion Distortion- Caryn Alter, Nutritionist 

Workshop Session II:

¬  The Blessing of Acceptance: Discovering Your Unique & Ordinary Child- Melissa Brand, Psy.D Psychologist
¬  Toss, Pour, Stir and Toast: a Passover Granola Demo & Tasting, Deconstructed- Karen Brodsky, Personal Chef
¬  Career Satisfaction and Work/Life Balance: Strategies for Women to Have it All- Ilana Levitt, LPC, MCC Career Consultant
¬  Get Creative for Shabbat: Make Your Own Challah Cover-  Judy Raybon, Art Educator

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