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Spring Awards Form


New & Improved
Chapter & Group Event/Activity
Award Report Form


Use this form for every event or activity your chapter holds.  The form is designed to be used throughout the year (as opposed to just the year end) for all chapter Events & Activities. For example, educational speakers, fashion shows, fundraising dinners, book clubs, study groups, trips, community outreach, and membership efforts all can be reported via this form.

Spring Conference awards are going to be determined by the Board by reviewing these required forms.  Every event or activity your chapter wants considered for awards must have the form filled out completely. The form must be sent to the chapter Area VP within 2 weeks of the event or activity. The Area VP will then send it to the appropriate Region VPs.

At the bottom of this page there are links to the explanation of criteria for every award presented. These forms can be accessed in both electronic and snail mail form.

Click these links:

Chapter & Group Activity Award Report: e-mail version
(just cut & paste this document into e-mail to your Area VP)

Chapter & Group Event/Activity Award Report: Snail mail version
(download form and mail it to Area VP)

Download Awards forms info for Spring Conference
All criteria for winning specific awards is explained

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