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Guns and Gunpowder!

Shoot Out! in Chicago

The Jewish Policemen's Society, Shomrim Society of Illinois, joined with Hadassah Associates to show off their shooting skills while raising money for two great causes. 

Over 50 Hadassah Associates headed to the Chicago Police Training Academy on a Sunday morning in April to meet with the Jewish law enforcement officers of Chicago for a lox and bagels breakfast.  They shot various caliber handguns at the shooting range. 

The donation of $100 was split between the Policemen Children's Scholarship Fund and Stem Cell Research at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem.  Howard Kaplan, President of the National Committee of Hadassah Associates and General Counsel Shomrim Society, said this was a fun way, "to shoot and kill the causes of genetic diseases."

AND Gunpowder! in Wilmington

Ken Kamm reports that ten Associates from Wilmington, Delaware, enjoyed National Associates Day 2009 outdoors on the Black Gunpowder Tour at the original 1802 explosives works of the Du Pont Company.  "We were guided by Cyril Milunsky who is one of our Associates.

We learned how gunpowder is made by grinding together --very carefully-- sulfur from Sicily, potassium nitrate from Chile or Bengal and willow charcoal, made locally.  The gunpowder works were powered by the Brandywine River as it falls 125 feet through a granite gorge from the Piedmont Plateau down to sea level at the Delaware River.  Many water-powered mills along the Brandywine at Wilmington made explosives.  The DuPont gunpowder works were closed in the 1930's and in 1957 opened as a restored museum of early American industrialization. 

At lunch Henry Heiman, who had just returned from Israel, spoke glowingly of his private tour of Hadassah College Jerusalem with his wife, Tina.  Ken Kamm reported on last October's Associates Israel Mission.  He encouraged the men to sign up for the Jerusalem Newsletter by sending a blank message to Netletter-on@mail-list.com.  Three of the attendees are Associate Keepers, men who have committed to donating $1000 or more annually, while 5 are Hadassah Heroes who have committed to donating at least $100 annually. 

This program was a great venue for the Associates to share Hadassah stories. 

For more information or flyer/invitation ideas, feel free to contact us at Associates@hadassah.org

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