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Fall Fundraising Campaign raises over a Quarter of a Million Dollars!

Fall Fundraising Campaign raises over a Quarter of a Million Dollars!

Our 2007 Fall Fundraising Campaign, focusing on the Hadassah Medical Organization, was very successful. Hadassah's research accomplishments in a variety of areas continue to look very promising for people throughout the world. It sets the hospital apart from other facilities, and has earned it international recognition. None of this would be possible without the generosity of people like our Chapter members.

Our big gifts committee raised $35,000 from 43 women, including ten women who increased their gift and one brand new big giver. When you become a Keeper of the Gate, you commit to an ongoing annual gift of $1,000+. We have 7 new keepers for a total of 53 Keepers in our chapter. That means $53,000 that we can count on year after year to support our life-saving work. This year, we are very excited to announce 8 new Founders ($15,000 pledge over a 3 year period) for a total of $120,000, 1 Centennial Founder ($25,000 over a 3-year period), and 1 Circle of Founders ($50,000). In addition, we have 31 Chai givers ($180+) including 13 brand new ones, bringing in a total of $9,893. Conducted by the groups, our grass-roots mailing campaign raised an additional $3,900.

When asked to step up, we responded. Nearly 90 women increased their gifts by at least $36 this year! In addition, almost 50 women stepped up to a higher level of giving. Please join us once again in congratulating everyone in our Minneapolis Chapter who worked so hard and contributed so generously to support the life-enriching work of Hadassah by pledging $256,793 -- over a quarter of a million dollars towards Hadassah's worthy charitable projects!

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