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Hadassah International Indeed – In Saudi-Arabia Also

Arab media, in general, does not like to write positively about Israel. Saudi-Arabian media is not considered to be the most open and liberal, even within the Arab world. This is why it was quite a surprise to learn that a Saudi newspaper "Al-Watan" (The homeland), recently published an article by one of its columnists, explaining the reasons for Israel's superiority in science and technology. The article gave some general figures about the number of scientific articles per person in Israel. But the one case that was brought as an example was Hadassah Tissue Typing Registry, and in particular our unique project of encouraging Israeli Arabs to register.

The following is a free translation from Arabic of an excerpt from the article:

"…The only registry of bone marrow in the world for Arab donors exists at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. It is remarkable because there are only 1.2 million Arabs in Israel, compared to more than 400 million in the entire world… Dr. Amal Bishara, an Arab PhD at Hadassah has visited more than 60 Arab villages in Israel since the registry was established in 2008…" So far for the Saudi newspaper.

Our Tissue Typing Registry, which is assisted by Hadassah Austria (among other supporters), is indeed the only program of its kind in the world. So far it has collected almost 10,000 samples. We have already received more than 100 requests for matching tests from all over the world and were able to match 40 of them. Tomorrow we will have the 10th transplantation out of this special registry!!

The following is a link to the original article in Arabic from the Saudi paper - http://www.alwatan.com.sa/Articles/Detail.aspx?ArticleId=5978

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