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The Road to Tzedakah

Laura Simon, President of the Sharon Chapter, New York Region, will be fulfilling a lifelong dream when she takes her children and grandchildren to Jerusalem next month. And she has a wonderful surprise in store for them.

After a private tour of the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother & Child Center at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem, where her grandchildren will meet some of the young patients, six Road to Recovery tiles on the walls of the hospital will be unveiled. Each tile will carry the name of one grandchild.

Laura—who is both a Centennial Founder and a Keeper of the Gate—wants to be sure her grandchildren grow up sharing her love for Hadassah. She has already made each one a Child Life Member or Child Associate. She also wants to generate in them a love for Israel, and a true understanding of tzedakah.

Hadassah has been part of Laura's life for many years. She first joined the Westchester Region when her three daughters were babies. She became active, rising through the ranks, involved in myriad programs.

When her daughters were grown, Laura and her husband moved to New York City. It was time for them to "live" a little and have fun. But her husband's untimely death changed everything. Laura called the New York Region and reconnected with Hadassah. "It was the best thing I ever did," she says. Her life began to revolve around Hadassah, she made "a million" friends, and is today part of the Sharon Chapter Presidium.

Hadassah Road Tiles make great Hanukkah gifts. A note and photo of the Road Tile is sent to the donor when the tile is hung. For information about the Road Tiles project, contact frservices@hadassah.org or 866.229.2395.

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