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Trail Angels at Hadassah Ein-Kerem

Before the era of the computer, most teenagers in Israel used to be members of youth movements. A major activity was hiking across the country on weekends and holy days. We used to say that we needed to know our country "through our feet". Today it's called trekking.

A popular trek in recent years is "The Israel Trail". 584 miles long, it goes from Kibbutz Dan up north, all the way to Eilat in the south. It can be considered as the Israeli equivalent to the Appalachian Trail in the US.

Along the Trail hikers can seek help from "Trail Angels". These are volunteers who set up lawns to sleep on, a room with a shower or a stack of bottled water. The Trail Angels do not charge anything for their services. Yaacov Schreibman, our associate director general had a vision.

Since "The Israel Trail" passes near by Hadassah Ein-Kerem campus, Hadassah should become a "Trail Angel."It was easy to find Hadassah employees who volunteered to make the vision a reality. They gave time, money, skills and mainly enthusiasm. A most generous donation was given by Yaacov Schreibman personally.

The result was dedicated last week. It is a small 1.5 room building next to the parking lot, which was built originally for the Turkish builders who worked in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower construction site.

Completely renovated, painted, refurbished it offers hikers a nice night’s sleep under a roof, with a kitchenette, shower and washroom, air conditioning —like a little guest house. And there's more — a telephone call away, the hikers will be able to wash their clothes and dry them. This was prepared by a group of people who love their country. They did it on behalf of Hadassah to which they are committed.

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