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Dr. Nava Ben-Zvi Honored with Major Award from University of South Florida

Hadassah College Jerusalem President Receives First President’s Global Leadership Award
Genever McBain

(Tampa, FL -- December 18, 2006) -- Nava Ben-Zvi, the visionary President of Hadassah College Jerusalem, received the first President’s Global Leadership Award from the University of South Florida this past weekend. The award was established by the university, which is this year celebrating its fiftieth year, to honor those “who have achieved exemplary accomplishments in international leadership or global relations.” It was awarded at the fall commencement ceremonies.

According to University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft, who presented the award:  “Through teamwork with faculty, students and staff, Dr. Ben-Zvi has made the college into a model of excellence on both a national and global scale. She has challenged the college to attain the highest academic and educational standards as a duty to the young people of Israel and Jerusalem. She has been a major contributor in almost every crossroad in higher education since 1970, pioneering the use of technology and web based learning. …She has made a commitment to globalize campus culture through her international travels and the institutional relationships she has forged throughout the world.”

In receiving the prestigious award, President Ben Zvi praised the University of South Florida for “changing the lives of people, much like Hadassah. As Hadassah’s founder Henrietta Szold said: ‘When you dream, dream big.’ In Jerusalem, we are changing the lives of our students in a meaningful way by taking the opportunity to create innovations and seeing them implemented in the state of education.”

The weekend was filled with events honoring President Ben-Zvi, including a reception for the awardee immediately following the commencement exercises, hosted by President Genshaft and attended by Jewish community leaders. The two college presidents also took the opportunity to discuss future collaborations between their respective schools in the areas of biotechnology and the promotion of education.

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