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Hadassah Troubled by Recent Call by Fringe Group of British Doctors to Expel IMA From WMA

“Science and medicine should not know any political or geographical borders.”
Genever McBain

“Science and medicine should not know any political or geographical borders.”

(New York, NY -- May 17, 2007) -- Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is deeply concerned by the recent call by a fringe group of 130 British doctors to expel the Israel Medical Association (IMA) from the World Medical Association (WMA), published in The Guardian newspaper.

According to Hadassah National President June Walker: “Science and medicine should not know any political or geographical borders. In 2002, a resolution to expel the IMA from the WMA was wisely thwarted. This renewed call is yet another attempt to politicize a medical advocacy organization and should be swiftly exposed as such.

“It is unconscionable that this tiny group of physicians – far from the scene and relying only on hearsay – would accuse their Israeli colleagues of not upholding medical practices and principles. Israeli hospitals do not differentiate between Israelis and Palestinians in the care they provide. With the Hadassah Medical Organization in the proud forefront, they unfailingly offer equal care and treatment to all who enter their doors without regard for race, religion, or political beliefs. It is for that reason that Hadassah was nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

“We have every confidence that the World Medical Association, proudly led by Chairperson of Council, Israeli physician Yoram Blachar, will stand strong against these baseless accusations and proceed with its valuable work of medical collaboration and cooperation.”

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