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The Hadassah Jewish Family Book of Health and Wellness

Ricky Cheung


(New York, NY -- March 23, 2006) -- Why are so many Jewish hospitals called "Mt. Sinai"? How do you turn your kid into a mensch? Is Crohn's disease a Jewish "genetic disease"? What do the Torah and the Sages have to say about breastfeeding? These and dozens of other questions about the relationship between health and the Jewish community are answered in THE HADASSAH JEWISH FAMILY BOOK OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS (Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint; April 2006; $34.95; Cloth).

Written in collaboration with Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, THE HADASSAH JEWISH FAMILY BOOK OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS provides a much-needed resource and guide to physical health and spiritual issues that are of concern to Jewish families.

This unique book offers an essential reference to Jewish family health, providing highly practical, user-friendly information and advice. It includes topics such as attitudes towards health in the Jewish tradition, the crucial issues of healing and spirituality, marriage and family, sexuality, women’s issues, food and diet, emotional and mental health, exercise, and other issues. Written by the top medical experts in the field, THE HADASSAH JEWISH FAMILY BOOK OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS is a comprehensive health guide that will be a valuable resource for every Jewish family.

Robin Ely Berman, M.D., is founder, president, CEO, and medical director of the National Gaucher Foundation. She has been a pioneer in her work with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in researching and treating Jewish diseases, and also runs the Center for Integrative Medicine in Rockville, Maryland. Arthur Kurzweil is a writer and teacher, and serves as publisher at Parabola magazine. He is the editor of Best Jewish Writing 2003, and author of From Generation to Generation and On the Road with Rabbi Steinsaltz, all from Jossey-Bass. Dale Leibson Mintz, MPA, CHES, is Hadassah's founding National Director of Women's Health and Advocacy and an expert in the field of health and wellness.


* * *


By Dr. Robin Berman, Arthur Kurzweil, and Dale L. Mintz


April 2006; ISBN: 0-7879-8071-4; $34.95/Cloth

Wiley books are available at your local bookstore or by calling 1-800-225-5945.


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