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Young Judaea Offers New Year Course Program: Olami

Year Course Celebrates 50 Years by Adding International Trips
Genever McBain

Year Course Celebrates 50 Years by Adding International Trips

(New York, NY -- December 18, 2006) -- Israel has been shaped by the dreams of millions of Jewish immigrants from communities around the globe. And now, as Young Judaea’s award-winning Year Course in Israel celebrates its fiftieth year, participants will be able to retrace those steps.

Year Course Olami, a program of Young Judaea, Hadassah’s Zionist youth movement, will introduce students to five countries over the course of the year – countries from Eastern Europe to Africa, where Jews risked everything to leave their homes and start anew in Israel. During the course of their academic year in Israel, students will alternate their travels with Year Course’s core components of classroom study, touring Israel and volunteering. Olami is open to all Year Course participants, but is limited to the first 40 who apply.

Though the main focus of all Year Course programs remains Israel, Olami aims to trace the path of Zionist history through the study of key events and communities outside of Israel. The program year starts in France with a weeklong study of the French Revolution, the Dreyfus affair and its effect on Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism. Other off-shore study venues include: England, Budapest/Prague/Krakow, Morocco, and Ethiopia. Prior to each trip, the participants will spend a Shabbaton in preparatory study.

According to Judy Shereck, Coordinator of Young Judaea, “All Year Course participants enroll in the popular core course, the ‘History of Zionism,’ which is taught in an active and experiential way, unlike the history courses students have taken in high school or will take in university. In addition to classroom lectures and discussions, the students visit the actual sites in Israel where events in Zionist history unfolded. We realized that this was such a good model that we should duplicate it on a global level.”

Year Course and the new Olami program are Shomer Shabbat and observe the laws of kashrut. Students receive college credit for Year Course from the University of Judaism, and pending approval, will receive additional credit for Olami. The cost of Olami is $25,000. For more information, please call 212-303-4584,1-800-725-0612, or e-mail yearcourse@youngjudaea.org



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