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Young Judaea honored at the 59th Annual Israel Folk Dance Festival and Festival of the Arts

Congratulations to the 2010 Young Judaea Israeli Dance Troupe after their amazing performance in the 59th Annual Israel Folk Dance Festival and Festival of the Arts at Queens College in New York City on March 21st.  Our Young Judaeans started rehearsing back in October and kept a Young Judaea tradition alive!  Young Judaea is the only organization that has danced in this New York festival every year since its inception…59 straight years!  This festival brings together Israeli dance troupes from all over the country.  To honor Young Judaea's commitment to the festival over the years, the organizers made the theme " Forward Together: Celebrating Young Judaea at 100!".  During the opening and the finale of the show, our YJ dancers sang an upbeat version of "Ani Ve'atah" and "Forward Together" while the entire ensemble joined in dance.  The twelve other dance troupes saluted Young Judaea through special video greetings and their performances. Hundreds of people turned out to watch the show! 

To celebrate Young Judaea at 100, our dancers performed to the sounds of Ya'akov and Be'ezrat Hashem.  Having the courage of Ya'akov to explore new things and that there will be "angels" to help us through rough times.  Be'ezrat Hashem Young Judaea will continue to thrive for many more years.  Outfitted with costumes and taught by an experienced choreographer, the kids danced impressively on stage. 

Mazal tov to our dancers who were from all across New Jersey, Caitlyn Hyman (Dance Captain), Maya Yair, Elizabeth Binstein,  Stephanie Blitzer, Mindy Fliegelman, Brian Harkavy, Elyssa Hirsch, Shelby Lipson, Sara Rosen.

Special thanks to our choreographer Sara Alter and Troupe Manager Jerri Blitzer, and to all of our generous donors who have allowed this program to continue.   The impact this had on the kids involved was amazing!  Some will even go on to perform with college troupes that exist on campuses such as Brandeis, Cornell, Boston U. and Columbia.

Prior to the show, Young Judaea ran interactive activities for kids at the Arts festival and fair.  These activities were coordinated and led by our youth leaders.  Kids who attended the festival enjoyed visiting the YJ Israel experience where they learned about various places in Israel by participating in crafts and games. Additionally, the Brooklyn and Nassau regions of Hadassah partnered with Young Judaea at the fair, and together promoted Hadassah membership and its projects.  Special thanks to Omer Givati who coordinated our participation in the fair.

Below are YouTube links to Young Judaea's performance....
This is the video greeting that was played prior to their performance.  It saluted Bob Levine, YJ alum, who has been the Chair and MC of the festival for many years.

Here are the YJ dancers on stage.  It was shot with a cell phone video camera so the quality is not good, but enjoy anyway!

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