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Hundreds of Jewish motorcyclists to gather in Virginia Beach, VA.

Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance

The Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA) is pleased to announce its 7th Ride to Remember (R2R). This annual event is conducted to promote remembrance of the Holocaust and through remembrance, to assure that history will not repeat itself. The Ride to Remember is a yearly event sponsored by the JMA. This year, Jewish motorcyclists from the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Israel and Great Britain will ride hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles to raise funds for educational programs sponsored by the Jewish communities in Virginia Beach/Chesapeake/Norfolk, Virginia area.

The 2011 R2R will span 4 days, beginning on Thursday, May 12, 2011, and continuing through the weekend. The event partners are the Tidewater Holocaust Commission and the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. 

About the JMA
The Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance is an international organization currently comprised of 43 Jewish motorcycle clubs with more than 2,000 individual members. With member clubs extending from Israel to Australia, Canada to South Africa and everywhere in between, the JMA provides an environment whereby members of the Jewish faith who ride motorcycles can congregate to share and exchange ideas and opinions about matters of concern to the Jewish community at large, as well as issues specifically concerning motorcycles and motorcycle riding. The JMA is an umbrella organization whose affiliate clubs consist of official, organized motorcycle riding clubs. The common thread is our religion; however membership or admittance to its member clubs is not dictated by faith, degree of observance or brand of motorcycle.

This event is open to all motorcyclists affiliated with a member club, and to all Jewish motorcyclists that are unaffiliated.

JMA, Event and Organization Contact Information:
Ride to Remember 2011 website – www.ride2remember.com JMA – www.jewishbikers.com

Press contacts:

  • Mel Morris, Director of Communications, 561-432-4668, melmaven1@gmail.com
  • Betsy Ahrens, Chair, 2011 R2R Organizing Committee, 703-257-3326, 703-798-1995 or 703-367-4220 after 3:00 p.m., msbetsya@yahoo.com
  • Ron Wynne, President, JMA, 937-770-2049, ccaod@yahoo.com

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