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Remembering Gilad Shalit in Your Seder

For Gilad Shalit, the Seder night will not be different from all other nights. As Jews world-over sit down at the Seder table next week with family and friends to celebrate z'man heruteynu, the festival of our freedom, Gilad Shalit spends his fourth Pesach in captivity. His Hamas captors continue to deny him any contact with his family or the outside world. But he remains in our thoughts and prayers.

A group of New Jersey high school students has created a vehicle for including Gilad at the Seder. Gilad represents the fifth child, the child whose captors and oppressors prevent him or her from joining their family Seder. Please broadly circulate the text below and encourage your leadership and members to remember Gilad at the Seder table, and to re-commit to working to reunite him and other long-missing IDF soldiers with their families. It is vital that we take a stand against Gilad's continued captivity, against this injustice and flagrant violation of international law. Ask your members to add their voices to the tens of thousands who have marched, rallied and called for Gilad's release and supported his family. Let this be the last year Gilad can only dream about l'shana ha'baa b'yerusahalyim – next year in Jerusalem.

Please urge people to take a moment before or during Pesach to click on www.giladgreetings.org , to express solidarity with Gilad. Many thousands already have visited the site, and viewed the video about Gilad's plight. All the messages and cards will be delivered by the Conference of Presidents to the International Committee of the Red Cross with the demand that Hamas allow the ICRC to visit and deliver the messages to Gilad in accordance with international humanitarian law.

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