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First Ever "Celebrate Israel Run"

By Ruth Gursky, President, New York Region

Never doubt that one person can make a difference. We all know this is true – Henrietta Szold did it almost 100 years ago; and following in her footsteps, each of us is making a difference on the national level and in our own units.

As many of you know, I’m a dedicated back-of-the-pack runner who regularly competes in road races.

For years, it has concerned me that the New York Road Runners (NYRR), the umbrella organization for NYC running teams and organizer of the NYC Marathon, offers sponsored races on behalf of Japan, Norway, Scotland, and yes, even the United Arab Emirates…but to date, no organization or entity has offered to sponsor a race on behalf of Israel. Last year, I decided to take action!

Meetings were arranged with the two people who could make this happen: Mary Wittenberg, President of the NYRR and Michael Miller, Vice President and CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRCNY), the umbrella organization for Jewish organizations in the metro-NY area. 

As a result of these successful meetings, on Sunday, June 5th at 9am, before the kick-off of the annual “Celebrate Israel Parade” (also organized by the JCRCNY), the NYRR will present the first-ever “Celebrate Israel Run” presented by the JCRCNY in Central Park – a 4-mile race (which one can run, jog or walk). This should be a well-attended race, as it is qualifying race for NYRR members seeking entry into the NYC Marathon.

If you are planning to be in Manhattan for the Parade, which kicks-off at 11am, please consider registering for this race and participating in both. If you are not in the city but want the souvenir t-shirt, register for the race, let me know and I will pick up your t-shirt and hand-deliver it to you at the National Business Meeting in Las Vegas. If your region is located in the metro-NY area, please share information about this race with your members. To register, visit the NYRR website: www.nyrr.org > Go to Races and click on calendar > June > June 5th - Celebrate Israel Run.

As Henrietta Szold said: ‘Dream big’…well, in the NY running community, it doesn’t get much bigger than creating a new race for the NY Road Runners! It’s all about the power of one, my friends…believing and knowing that we can each make a difference! YOU can demonstrate the power of one by promoting and participating in this inaugural “Celebrate Israel Run” (your support will help this race become an annual event) or create a “Hadassah Centennial Torch Relay” in your hometown, on your own or in collaboration with a local running club (step-by-step details on how to do this are on the Hadassah intranet: Centennial Leadership Manual – P. 15). Todah rabah.

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