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Hadassah’s 2013 U.S. Supreme Court Swearing In With Hadassah Attorneys Council

Each year two dozen Hadassah Life Member and Associate attorneys are admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar on motion of a Supreme Court Bar member of the Hadassah Attorneys Council. It is one of the crowning moments of a lawyer's professional life to be recognized and welcomed by the Chief Justice of the United States.

This whirl-wind 24-hour Hadassah Supreme Court experience begins with a gala dinner featuring a speaker knowledgeable about the inside workings of the Court. Past speakers have included the brilliant and humorous Dahlia Lithwick, Slate.com's Supreme Court and senior legal analyst; Kenneth Feinberg, Executive Compensation "pay czar" and former head of the 9/11 and BP Victim Compensation Funds; Amy Howe, editor of SCOTUSblog; Supreme Court advocates Alyza and Nathan Lewin and Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben.

Because of Hadassah's decade-long relationship with the Court, the Hadassah members and their guests are able to meet privately with the Clerk of the Court, the Marshal of the Court, the Chief Librarian and a Supreme Court Justice. Last year Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg met with us for a private audience. There is also the unforgettable opportunity to sit in the Supreme Court and listen to the Justices announce decisions in previously argued cases and watch as they question the litigating attorneys in two new cases before the Court.

This continuing Attorneys Council program is the ultimate professional outreach program, but space is limited to 24 attorneys (12 per day)—Package A: February 19-20 or Package B: February 20-21. For registration and additional information about the Swearing In program or the Hadassah Attorneys Council, please visit www.hadassah.org/swearingin (starting September 1) or contact attorneyscouncils@hadassah.org. This program always sells out so act fast, the registration deadline is December 10, 2012.


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