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2012 Associates “Centennial Man”: Jack Wiadro

The National Committee of Hadassah Associates (NCHA) is proud to announce its selection of Jack Wiadro as the 2012 National Associate of the Year "Centennial Man" recipient. Mr. Wiadro, an active Associate of the Collier County Chapter, Florida Central Region, exemplifies the slogan of the Hadassah Associates – Men with a Mission who make a difference in the world and their local community.

Jack was nominated as a candidate for this award by Shelley Skelton, President of the Collier County Chapter. Shelley submitted his recent activities and accomplishments in response to the announcement and guidelines of this award, distributed to all presidents around the country earlier in the year. When Jack was informed that he had been chosen to receive this honor by the NCHA President and National Associates Team Chair, he humbly replied, "I haven't done anything special. There are many other men who do more." This very deserving recipient was selected from many worthy Associates who are similarly dedicated to the mission of Hadassah.

Jack Wiadro is part of a Four-Generation Hadassah Family. Jack has traveled to Israel to see the Hadassah projects first hand. He has supported Hadassah as a Major donor and is currently the Collier County Hadassah Associates Co-Chair. He is a former Trustee of Temple Shalom, a member of the Jewish Federation of Collier County and a Jewish War Veteran.
Jack has helped to plan and lead many interesting events for the men and women in his community. One such event was an intellectually stimulating debate about the constitutionality of the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act." All chapter Associates events raise good spirit and funds for Hadassah while educating the community.

Together with his co-chairs, Jack is credited with helping to increase his chapter's Associate enrollment by 35%. Jack's current goal is to mentor new Associate leadership for the chapter. In recognition of Jack's significant contribution to the core values of the Jewish people, and due in large part to his support of Hadassah's vital work in Israel and the United States, Collier County Chapter was able to honor their Associates with a brick on the Centennial Path at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Jack has succeeded in several careers before and after "retirement." He has a passion for automobiles and is an avid doubles tennis player. He relishes the time he can spend with his grandchildren and enjoys travel. He looks forward to experiencing Israel's electric car system during Hadassah's Centennial Convention in Jerusalem. Jack Wiadro will be honored at the Hadassah Associates Annual Meeting and Special Program on October 18, 2012 at which Better Place and Hadasit, two of Israel's most innovative high tech companies, will be featured.

Jack Wiadro exemplifies the ideals of Hadassah and its accomplishments. We salute Jack and all Associates who are so vital to Hadassah's current and future successes. Kol Hakavod!

For more information about Hadassah Associates contact 800-928-0685 or associates@hadassah.org.


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