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IMPORTANT: Read Hadassah's Readiness Plan

Dear Friends,

Given the growing Syrian situation, Israel finds itself once again in a time of potential crisis and needs our dedicated support. We, at Hadassah, are doing everything we can in the United States, Israel and around the world to ensure that we continue to provide our mission driven support quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The number one priority is to help safeguard Hadassah and HMO staff and patients, Youth Aliyah children, and Young Judaea staff and participants.

We have prepared a readiness plan which is designed to provide the support Israel needs at this time.

Here are some highlights of the plan.

HMO is prepared to:

the medical needs of any patients and to do its part in providing a place of peace, healing and safety

Youth Aliyah is prepared to:

Shelter the families of children already at a village plus other children and their families from the north

Because of their proximity to the border, our friends at Meir Shfeyah need our help building a third bomb shelter as well as refurbishing the Altura Lone Soldiers' Home which will cost in the range of $75,000.

Young Judaea is prepared to:

Help secure the safety of all of their Israel-based programs by taking participants and staff out of harm's way

Additionally, we are creating a special "Readiness Campaign," asking for support for the above initiatives if and when needed via direct mail, emails, our website, social media and the press.

Sadly, once again, the threat of Israel under attack exists and while we are busy with the usual frenzy of a new school year plus looking forward to the Rosh Hashanah holiday, we are also preparing for the possibility that we will be called upon to help others in need.

Although we do not expect anything to happen in or near Jerusalem, in the event that there will be chemical warfare in the north, our expert and one of the world-renowned leaders in emergency preparedness Prof. Avi Rivkind has started checking and preparing everything including outside showers and the systems that are needed for purification of patients brought in for triage.

Under his initiative, HMO opened the first Trauma Unit and trained generations of physicians and nurses, throughout Israel and the world for preparedness for treatment of casualties in unconventional warfare.

Clearly during times of crisis, fast and accurate communication is essential. We will make use of all of our various platforms to communicate with you, our members, Associates and donors even on Shabbat or Yom Tov.

With your continued support, Hadassah is able to continue to be a leader in emergency preparedness and to deliver on our mission – simply by doing everything we can to support Israel.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom

Marcie E. Natan
National President



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