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Hadassah Joins HERvotes Coalition

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Hadassah Joins HERvotes Coalition

Tomorrow is Election Day and the official start of the 2012 election season. Hadassah—a longtime supporter voter engagement initiatives—is proud to announce its membership in HERvotes, a coalition of women’s organizations mobilizing civic engagement around women’s Health and Economic Rights (HER) for the 2012 election season.

Each month, Hadassah and its coalition partners will provide updates about key policy issues such as pay equity, women’s health access and voter participation. This month, the coalition, which represents millions of women across the country, are speaking out together to protect women’s reproductive rights. Visit the Hadassah National Action Center to learn more about anti-choice legislation and contact your federal elected officials today!

Hadassah units also advocate at the state and municipal levels. Tomorrow, “Personhood” amendments—which would declare a fertilized egg a person—will be on the ballot from Florida and Mississippi, to Wisconsin and Ohio. These amendments would outlaw abortions in all cases, including rape and incest; ban certain types of birth control and deny pregnant women access to life-saving care.  Hadassah Members, Associates and supporters are encouraged to speak out for women’s reproductive rights and join coalitions with like-minded organizations to mobilize their local communities. Click here to learn about the Hadassah unit in your area and get involved in local advocacy.     

Hadassah reaffirms its historic commitment to encourage informed, individual involvement in civic affairs, including voter education, registration and participation. In addition to sample letters to policy leaders, the Hadassah National Action Center can also provide members with information on elected officials and pressing legislative issues. 

Sign up today to make your voice heard! A myHadassah account will help you access the National Action Center, preferences management tools and specialized member-only content. Visit www.hadassah.org/actioncenter to log in or create a new account today.

For additional information about Hadassah Advocacy visit www.hadassah.org/advocacy or email programming@hadassah.org.  

Date: 11/7/2011
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