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Advocate for Israel's Security

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Advocate for Israel's Security

American support and strategic partnerships are instrumental in securing Israel’s safety. Last week, American military intelligence helped the Israeli navy intercept an Iranian shipment of rockets bound for Gaza and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency announced a transfer of additional funds to Israel for the Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system. Within the last 24 hours, over 70 rockets were launched at southern Israel and three rockets headed for population centers were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

Hadassah continues to affirm its policy statements opposing the Middle East Arms Race, which condemn Iran's acquisition of weapons of mass destruction, posing a grave threat to regional and international stability. Hadassah also urges the U.S. and Israel to continue engaging one another in substantive discussions to ensure that any final agreement has the full support of the Israeli government.

The United States must affirm its unwavering, bipartisan support for Israel’s sovereignty and security, and send a clear message that a nuclear armed Iran is not an option

Take Action!

Promote U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnerships
On March 5, the House of Representatives passed the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 (H.R. 938) in a vote of 410-1. The bipartisan legislation would strengthen U.S.-Israel cooperation in the areas of security, intelligence, technology, and commerce. The act reaffirms America’s commitment to provide support for the Iron Dome system, promotes energy cooperation, and codifies Israel’s status as a major strategic partner of the United States.

Thank your Representatives for supporting this legislation and urge your Senators to pass the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act!

Prevent a Nuclear Iran
As negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program continue, leaders in Congress are circulating bipartisan policy letters on Iran, emphasizing the important role Congress must play in the Iranian talks. The letters outline the need for congressional oversight in setting the parameters of any final agreement, ensuring exiting sanctions are enforced, and determining if any additional sanctions are needed. It is critical for the United States to continue sending a clear message—a nuclear armed Iran is not an option.

Urge your Senators and Representatives to sign the bipartisan Iran policy letters, emphasizing the important role Congress must play in the Iranian talks.

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Date: 3/13/2014
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