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Hadassah Welcomes the 112th Congress

Action Alerts

On January 5, 2011, 18 Hadassah Members and Associates welcomed the 112th Congress to Washington. Of the 112th Congress, 107 were new members, the largest freshman class in more than sixty years. Throughout the day the group introduced themselves—and Hadassah—to the new representatives, senators and Capitol Hill staff.

“It was a thrilling experience being part of the excitement of the swearing in process and sharing it with our Hadassah friends,” said Tema Sternberg, President of the Greater Washington Area Chapter of Hadassah. “I had the sense that Hadassah's presence was truly noted and felt.”

Earlier that morning the group had a meet-and-greet with Maryland Sen. Benjamin Cardin, a fourth generation Hadassah supporter, and spoke with him about health care and his other legislative priorities for the 112th Congress.

Following the new member swearing in, Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski was honored on the floor for being the longest serving female senator in history. “I was so pleased to be part of history and feel the thrill of Barbara Mikulski's honor,” said Florence Rosenblum, Organization Vice President for the Greater Washington Area Chapter.

Mikulski has served as a senator from the state of Maryland for 24 years. She is a Hadassah Life Member and has worked with the organization on several occasions to pass legislation for gun control, women’s rights and aid to Israel. The Hadassah National Board honored Mikulski at a reception in 1996 as a representative of all the female senators in the 104th Congress.

Hadassah Advocacy was established in 1948 to advocate for the newly formed State of Israel to America’s elected officials. Hadassah leaders believed that as American citizens and Zionists, members should work to strengthen both the United States and Israel, which in so doing would strengthen the ties between the two nations and their people. With over 300,000 members and supporters found in every congressional district across the country, Hadassah continues to advocate for fair and equitable foreign and domestic public policies and promotes active participation in the political process.

Hadassah encourages all its supporters to congratulate their elected officials, new and old, and inform them about Hadassah. Programs such as Influentials at Home and Influentials to Israel allow Hadassah members and leaders to interact with their representatives and help them experience all that Israel and Hadassah have to offer.

Date: 1/7/2011

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