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Caroline and Joseph Gruss Surgical Wing Dedicated at Hadassah Medical Organization

Dr. Evelyn Gruss Lipper and Deputy Director General Dr. Yuval Weiss.
Audrey Shimron, Hadassah Medical Director Professor Yoram Weiss, Deputy Director General Dr. Yuval Weiss, Dr. Evelyn Gruss Lipper & Josh Michael Oberhuber
Dr. Evelyn Gruss Lipper in the Saba Synagogue

Her father loved technical innovation. Her mother was more devoted to traditional ways of doing things. In turn, naming the new Caroline and Joseph Gruss Surgical Wing of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower, with its high tech operating theaters and welcoming family rooms was a perfect fit, said Dr. Evelyn Gruss Lipper, speaking for the Gruss family.

Dr. Gruss Lipper , her husband Dr. William T. Speck and nephew Joshua Gruss took part in the dedication ceremony on the Ein Kerem Campus of Hadassah Medical Organization together with Hadassah Medical Director Professor Yoram Weiss and Deputy Director General Dr. Yuval Weiss.

"The partnership of your family, and your generosity, me'dor le dor, from generation to generation, has provided our physicians with the most advanced tools to use their vocation to heal all the sick who come to the doors of our great Medical Center," said Hadassah Offices in Israel Director Audrey Shimron, speaking on behalf of Hadassah National President Marcie Natan.
"From the beginning, the vision of our Founder and first President of Hadassah, Henrietta Szold, was to provide medical treatment to all peoples irrespective of faith, race or nationality. All medical care in Israel has followed this path, which isn't always obvious or easy in times of extreme conflict."

Dr. Gruss Lipper, a pediatrician and an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, said her parents "would be very proud of Hadassah with its technology and safety in work." Professor Yoram Weiss pledged that the Hadassah staff would bring the dedication needed to complement the advanced facility.

With 500 beds, 19 stories (five underground) and state-of-the-art technical equipment, the Tower is the most advanced medical facility in the Middle East.






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Dr. Michael Oberhuber represented the Beracha Foundation, which, established in 1971, provides aid to Israel. He remarked that coincidentally both Beracha in Hebrew and the family name “Gruss” in German mean “greetings” and that Hadassah Hospital preceded the Geneva Convention in 1949 by decades—providing humanitarian care for all.

Joseph Gruss, a banker, was born in 1903 in Lvov, Poland, the youngest of seven children. He married attorney Czechoslovakian born Caroline Zelaznik. They were in the US on business when borders were closed. Much of their family, including their first-born child, perished in the Holocaust. Mr. Gruss founded an investment trading company in New York. He and Caroline had two more children, Dr. Evelyn Gruss Lipper, M.D. and Martin D. Gruss

Representing the Gruss's grandchildren, Joshua Gruss said he "liked to think of his grandparents looking down, seeing their daughter and grandson in Jerusalem, and thinking 'what a legacy' they had left."

Date: 10/24/2013

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