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Hadassah's School Awarded 2014 National Education Award

Hadassah’s Experimental School (HES), which provides hospitalized children of all ages and backgrounds with an education in its unique hospital-based school, has been honored with Israel’s National Education Award by the Ministry of Education.

Mrs. Edna Pinchover, HES principal, along with two students from the oncology ward, received the prestigious award from Education Minister MK Shai Piron, in a celebratory ceremony held this month. “We received a tremendous round of applause,” relates Mrs. Pinchover. “As the founder of this unique school, it was truly heartwarming to see our staff and children receive this wonderful recognition, especially from Minister Piron himself.”

Hadassah enables women to expand their horizons, take charge of their lives and provides opportunities to study Judaism, Zionism, Jewish history, Hebrew, literature and culture.






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With a team of teachers, nurses, and volunteers, the children are taught in their native language: Hebrew, Arabic and English. A significant portion of the curriculum centers around cooking, since when the children cook the food themselves, they are motivated to eat, whereas they tend to have poor appetites otherwise. At the same time, math and reading are integrated into the cooking lessons.

Prof. Eitan Kerem, Director of Hadassah’s Division of Pediatrics, emphasizes the vital role that HES plays in the healing and rehabilitation process for young patients. He notes: “Patients in our pediatric ward are, first and foremost, children. They deserve a normal childhood, including an elementary education. Even as patients, the constant connection with a “healthy lifestyle” is an important piece of their complete recovery. Hadassah’s Experimental School creates a unique and vital opportunity for children to thrive within an educational framework, while taking their current state and health into consideration.”

Date: 6/19/2014

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