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Hadassah’s Post-Surgery Patient Enjoys the Comfort of the New Hospital Tower

Hadassah patient Brenda Godfrey leaves her old room

Brenda Godfrey, who immigrated to Israel from the United Kingdom 35 years ago and recently was a post-surgery patient at the Hadassah University Medical Center, praised her new temporary home in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. She had rave reviews for the entire staff and, especially, her two surgeons, Dr. Gidon Almogy and Dr. Mahmud Abu-Ghazallah.

When Mrs. Godfrey and her husband decided to make Aliyah to Israel, they packed their things into 12 suitcases and gave them to their grown daughters, who then flew with the baggage to Israel. Mrs. Godfrey and her husband drove from London through France and Italy to Naples. From there, they crossed the Mediterranean Sea on a ship, with their car, and arrived at the port in Haifa. They then drove to an absorption center--their first home in Israel.

"Moving to and living in Israel are the best things that have happened to me," she says.

On route to her new room

Prof. Avi Rivkind, head of General Surgery, welcomes Brenda to her new room

Date: 5/15/2012
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